A Smart Partnership Enables Smarter Decarbonisation

Sustainable Facility Group and SNAPI announce AI-Powered ESG Collaboration

AI-powered data capture is helping to ramp up Australian businesses’ decarbonisation efforts.

SNAPI and Sustainable Facility Group (SFG) have joined forces to provide end-to-end decarbonisation, energy efficiency and governance programs for businesses. Artificial Intelligence technology from SNAPI is used by SFG to capture consumption data digitally for carbon emission monitoring, reporting and action.  

“Data is obviously a critical component of any meaningful decarbonisation and sustainability program,” said SFG Director, Nick Costin.

“But data remains a critical ESG challenge for many businesses, especially our customers with large, multi-building sites like universities and hospitals,” he said.

“Capturing data at the asset or discipline level can be massively time consuming if you do it manually, or expensive if you’re to install alternative digital readers,” he said.

“By using the SNAPI solution, we can offer our customers decarbonisation and sustainability programs built with data of the highest integrity.”

“And we can do it at a lower cost and a shorter timeframe, thanks to a simple installation, without interruption to services or external cabling to the device,” he said.

SNAPI is an Australian innovation that is installed onto analogue infrastructure in seconds. Instantly, SNAPI remotely captures water, gas or electricity consumption data digitally, and at multiple intervals a day.  An onboard AI engine reads different analogue meter digits, dials and their sequencing to stream data for analysis with accuracy over 99.9%.

“The team at SNAPI is thrilled to be working with SFG on something as important and meaningful as decarbonisation,” said SNAPI CEO Mark Hartmann.

“There is a significant, global need to act fast, so we know SNAPI has massive potential to help us quickly start to make informed positive change”, he said.


Headquartered in Brisbane, SNAPI has recently been shortlisted for two AIIA iAwards, the Consensus award and won a share of $1.4million in Advance Queensland Ignite ideas funding.

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