Data for Analytics - the Business Case for Digital Utilities​

How to boost data quality and ensure your analytics are robust?


Analytics requires data. But up until now, utilities have struggled to capture much of the data necessary for robust analytics.


Digital transformation strategies are demanding. Smart meter programs, for instance, are notoriously protracted, expensive and complex.

Consequently, rather than being an enabler for analytics, the requirement of a smart meter rollout can become a hurdle for utilities seeking to capture data for analysis before they’ve even got started.

So, it’s Time to Change How we Digitise.

The most effective digitisation strategy is one that efficient; it’s fast, and avoids debilitating costs.

It’s important that utilities remain agile and fast with the digital strategy they implement. And this includes responsiveness to tech opportunities like AI Meter Readers.

Why Re-think Digitisation Strategies?

The value in analytics for utilities is significant. Evidence demonstrate 30-100% improvement in operational efficiencies.

Meanwhile, a 360-view of the customer empowers everyone in the organisation to solve customer problems, amongst other benefits.

Considering this, it’s worth re-visiting the digitisation process to achieve the benefits of data and analytics sooner, and without any unnecessary cost.

Operational Data & Analytics for utilities

Automating Back-Office
Processes + More.

Streamline and automate back-office processes to reduce operational costs, boost workforce productivity and the scalability of the business.

  • Improve resourcing according to patterns in demand and consumption.
  • Profile client behaviours to optimise service packages and improve uptake of new programs.
  • Improve knowledge of assets to optimise maintenance and digitisation schedules.
  • Reduce power/water/gas theft.
  • Accurately forecast consumption to manage demand response and smarter loading.
  • Improve financial management with more accurate and more regular billing cycles.

Customer Data & Analytics for utilities

Enabling Customer Satisfaction:
Consumer Data & Analytics​

Knowing more about customers empowers the utility to reduce churn, improve offerings and lead the market.

  • Empower every team member to solve customer problems.
  • Predictive analytics assist with tariff planning.
  • Provide customers insight in-field.
  • Improve demand forecasting and management with benchmarking data.
  • Profiling customers at risk of churn and to identify upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

How We’re Accelerating Digitisation for Utilities

Snapi is reducing the cost, time, and complexity of digitisation programs for utilities.

We do this with a universal snap-on AI meter reading device.

By accelerating the digital transformation process for utilities, Snapi unlocks massive efficiencies, customer service benefits and operational improvements associated with digital services and data-driven decisions now, rather than later.

Snapi AI Meter Readers instantly extend the life of analogue water, gas and electricity meters. By digitising meter reads, snapshots can be automated as often as you like, or requested remotely.

A fool-proof snap-on installation reduces the risk of errant reads and needs no downtime or licenced trades.

Key Features

  • Boost ROI on existing analogue infrastructure.
  • Reduce and defer smart meter costs.
  • Save on the cost of licenced trades and downtime otherwise required for smart meter installation.
  • Reduce human resources redundancy by recruiting meter readers for installations.

How we’re improving on Pulse Readers:

  • Accuracy: 99.9% meter reading accuracy.
  • Verification: Verify reads visually, and remotely.
  • Transparency: Include a snapshot of the meter read on utility bills.