The “Have Nots” in Australia’s Solar Energy System

The ‘have nots’ during Australia’s energy transition -who are they really? You’ll be excused for believing the Australians who least benefit from solar energy are those  without solar panels. But you’ll be wrong. Less obviously, it’s the 75% of Australian homes that have no access to data from digital meters. This group is, ultimately, Australia’s […]

Getting Started on Digitisation: How to Overcome Resistance to Change

The jury is out. Digital utilities perform better than their analogue counterparts. But for many years, utilities were blessed with very little competition and market movement. Utilities used to own the entire value chain, from energy generation over transmission and distribution grids to retail, until the regulation and market environment changed and new competitors entered.  […]

What’s Missing from our Smart Meter Policies?

Initial findings from the Australian Electricity Market Commission (AEMC)’s review of its three-year-old smart metering program has deemed it a failure. Roll-out targets have been missed. And pricing programs don’t actually benefit consumers as much as planned. The research finds our electricity smart meter installations patchy. Just 17 percent of Aussie households and businesses outside […]

The Digital Utility – 4 Factors for a Successful Transformation

“Digitise or die” is the harsh reality for businesses across every sector, but smart meter reform has injected particular pressure upon Australian utilities. Yet the AEMO has commenced investigation into the smart energy meter roll out to find its only achieved installations across 17% of businesses and households outside of Victoria. At this rate, the […]

How to Save Money on your Smart Meter Roll-Out

There are however, plenty of examples of digitisation programs costing horrendous amounts of money. Naturally, this is enough to scare anyone off of the bleeding edge of smart metering. Regardless, faced with increased government and consumer pressure to digitise services, most Aussie utilities have a smart meter roll-out underway, or in planning stages. No matter […]