SNAPI Data & Customer Health Checks at TasWater

Background: TasWater TasWater provides water and sewerage services through 408,503 connections to residential and commercial customers across the island state. With aim to maximise operational efficiencies, water conservation, and reduce costs for customers, TasWater has been implementing a range of digitisation solutions and innovation projects. TasWater began using SNAPI AI-powered digital meter readers in December […]

New ESG Reporting Requirements for Australian Businesses

Sustainability and ESG reporting mandates are set to be introduced in Australia. Initially focused upon large organisations, new annual ESG reporting obligations are set to impact most Aussie firms with 100+ employees in just 5 years. Is ESG Reporting Mandatory in Australia? Regulators plan to phase in sustainability reporting reforms in Australia between 2024-2028. This […]

Is Greenwashing a Problem in Corporate Australia?

Almost 70% of medium-to-large Australian organisations claim to disclose their efforts to measure and manage climate risks. The standard of this reporting, however, renders Aussie ESG reports useless, and points to potential greenwashing. Kearny finds only 35 percent of Aussie companies follow international ESG reporting guidelines. And multiple big-name global research organisations, including PwC and […]

The “Have Nots” in Australia’s Solar Energy System

The ‘have nots’ during Australia’s energy transition -who are they really? You’ll be excused for believing the Australians who least benefit from solar energy are those  without solar panels. But you’ll be wrong. Less obviously, it’s the 75% of Australian homes that have no access to data from digital meters. This group is, ultimately, Australia’s […]

A Smart Partnership Enables Smarter Decarbonisation

Sustainable Facility Group and SNAPI announce AI-Powered ESG Collaboration AI-powered data capture is helping to ramp up Australian businesses’ decarbonisation efforts. SNAPI and Sustainable Facility Group (SFG) have joined forces to provide end-to-end decarbonisation, energy efficiency and governance programs for businesses. Artificial Intelligence technology from SNAPI is used by SFG to capture consumption data digitally […]

Digital Utilities and Carbon Reduction

The world is at a critical point in the battle against climate change. Left unattended, global warming will negatively impact life as we know it. This includes the availability of clean water and cheap energy, amongst other fundamental risks to safety and productivity. State, national and globally-based carbon reduction schemes recognise that action is necessary […]