SNAPI Data & Customer Health Checks at TasWater

Background: TasWater

TasWater provides water and sewerage services through 408,503 connections to residential and commercial customers across the island state.

With aim to maximise operational efficiencies, water conservation, and reduce costs for customers, TasWater has been implementing a range of digitisation solutions and innovation projects.

TasWater began using SNAPI AI-powered digital meter readers in December 2022 to optimise billing efficiencies, and capture data that improves visibility into consumption at key commercial customer sites.

A SNAPI Reader is implemented on an industrial water meter for TasWater.

One of the prettier SNAPI sites….

The SNAPI Project at TasWater

TasWater has more than 13,500 industrial customers across Tasmania including large-scale agricultural sites and water treatment plants.

Manual meter reading processes have been problematic for TasWater. Challenges include access issues and considerable travel to remote sites. Further, quarterly reads did not provide adequate transparency into water use and consumption cycles.

Remote Meter Reading with SNAPI

TasWater applied SNAPI AI-powered meter readers to improve monitoring at its larger commercial customer sites. The utility needed to understand seasonable variations and be able to explain instances of large increases in consumption volumes. 

SNAPI Digital Meter Reader enables remote reading & verification of industrial water use for TasWater

Spot the SNAPI!

“We had some commercial sites with demand for significantly more water year on year without the ability to understand why,” said TasWater’s Key Account Manager, Mark Harrison.

“We needed more data to work out if these sites had maintenance issues, were losing water to leaks, or if a water conservation plan for the site was required,” he said.

SNAPI meter readers were configured to remotely capture water consumption at specified intervals each day to understand daily cycles and total volumes.

Water Consumption Data Sparks Consumption Conversations

Data captured by SNAPI is presented in a dashboard to visualise consumption cycles and help the utility, councils and customers identify trends and seasonable variations. Insights from the SNAPI data has also been used to schedule maintenance that will reduce leakage and lost revenue.

This audit process has been a catalyst for conversations with customers on water conservation. SNAPI data is also being used by various councils to understand usage cycles for capacity planning and capex budgeting for future upgrades.

Installing SNAPI digital meter readers on TasWater industrial water sites.

“Digitisation of TasWater water meters using SNAPI readers has underpinned significant savings on meter reading costs and meanwhile, helped us to understand demand cycles at the customer level,” said Mark Harrison.

TasWater has been redeploying some SNAPI devices to run customer ‘health checks’ to profile consumption patterns and plan for demand.

“With a very dry season ahead of us, we have a lot of councils seeking more data on their water usage. SNAPI has been very easy to deploy, easy to use, and a great solution for TasWater, satisfying our need for greater visibility through data,” he said.  

Further Reading on the TasWater-SNAPI Project

The original SNAPI trial at TasWater was facilitated by Intelligent Water Networks. An article summarising findings from the trial is available here.

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