Snapi Making Waves in Canberra

SNAPI was invited by the Tech Council of Australia to attend the Parliamentary Innovation Tech Showcase in Canberra this week.

The two-day event was an opportunity for technology companies – including Microsoft, Adobe and Google – to discuss Australia’s tech industry, and showcase home-grown innovation to over 60 parliamentarians, including newly sworn-in Federal Ministers.

In light of the recent release of the Australia State of the Environment report, SNAPI had the opportunity to discuss the need for faster digitisation of assets as the country works towards a 43% reduction of carbon emissions by 2030.

With this ambitious target, it is important to identify what resources can contribute to achieving it – such as tools that help government, businesses and consumers understand electricity, water and gas usage more effectively to change consumer behaviour, optimise systems and detect unnecessary or accidental wastage.


SNAPI Founder, Mark Hartmann, said, “The team was grateful for this unique opportunity to get in front of some of Australia’s most influential change and policymakers.

“Effective asset management is so important in working to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions, and our population needs greater access to tools that can help with this.

“We hope the important conversations we had advocated for greater innovation in asset management and will help to propel the utility sector forward in its contribution to the 2030 target.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese addressed the group at the conclusion of the showcase, affirming the Government’s support of the Tech Council of Australia’s roadmap for delivering 1.2 million jobs in the Australian tech sector.

“It was great to see the enthusiasm and collaboration between council members throughout this event,” Mr Hartmann said.

“This group of people are strongly advocating for the tech industry in Australia – especially for start-ups and scale-ups with high growth potential.

“It’s promising to see the Prime Minister’s support of jobs in the industry and I look forward to seeing how this materialises.

“With more jobs and more resources, the Australian tech industry has the potential to lead the world in innovation.”

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