SNAPI Named in 2022 Low Carbon Accelerator (LCA) Cohort

SNAPI has been shortlisted in an exciting new program for Queensland innovators that can enable the State’s decarbonisation targets.

The Low Carbon Accelerator (LCA), spearheaded by the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, supports businesses with mentoring, business strategy, and connections with industry and government.

Accompanying 21 fellow innovative businesses from across the country, SNAPI was invited to compete in a two-day bootcamp last month. A judging panel comprising of industry and government stakeholders were tasked with choosing just ten businesses to proceed into round two.

Seeing the potential of SNAPI’s AI-Meter Reading device to enable positive climate action in Queensland, the panel selected SNAPI to progress into round two, the LCA Growth Lab.

SNAPI co-founders Mark Hartmann and Nina Owen are thrilled to be part of the LCA.

“Our mission is to digitise 100% of Australia’s utilities by 2025, transforming analogue meters from basic instruments for billing, to automated data capture instruments.”

Mark Hartmann & Nina Owen at LCA Bootcamp

“Unless we can accurately monitor and measure consumption of our precious natural resources, we can’t hope to become more conscious consumers, and to manage consumption across businesses and households,” said Mark Hartmann.   

SNAPI addresses a gap in the market between todays analogue and future smart metering infrastructure by digitising utilities at scale with a smarter, faster and greener way to capture, measure and monitor consumption data.

“SNAPI empowers consumers and businesses with greater power over their energy consumption by providing more data about their usage. This ultimately leads to a collective reduction in carbon emissions – one of the main reasons why we created SNAPI in the first place.”

“The energy sector makes up 54% of emissions in Queensland; not only is it our largest source of carbon emissions, energy retailers are a conduit to over 30 million households and businesses across the country”, he said.

“We hope by progressing through the LCA and moving to commercial pilot, we can partner with the energy sector and make a real difference.” Mr Hartmann said.

LCA Growth Lab is structured to achieve six months of business maturity in just six weeks. If successful, SNAPI will progress to round three which commences in early 2023 and includes the opportunity of a QLD based commercial pilot with an environmentally conscious industry partner.

To learn more about the SNAPI AI-Powered Meter Reader, click here.

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